Why Attack on Titan is So Popular

As Attack on Titan is more and more popular, I want to know, why it is so popular. I have summarized some reasons to share here.

First, it’s consonance. Giants are enthusiastic. Many people are painful and despair when they are in trouble. They want to meet giants can save them, give them a lot of energy, this is power!

Second, new plot. If an anime only human fight monster, just you will see that’s a simple anime. But, Attack on Titan, will show you, giants have intelligence, human can be giants, and some history factors. This is different between other anime. And in this anime, no matter good, wonderful or ugly, all of them are press close to our real life.

Third, the Determined Spirit. Giants are our trouble in our life. To kill giants, we can be alive. That means, we can fight our troubles so we can be alive well.

The expression of human nature, Attack on Titan is full of sex, envy, angry, lazy, ugly. But faith, warm heart, kind, tolerant are around this protagonist. Real life, real human nature. People will like.

The effect of mass. Something is not everyone likes, but a lot of people talking about it, and then it will be popular. Just like Attack on Titan cosplay, more cosers like it, then it will be popular.

All of above, just my own opinion.

Attack on Titan cosplay

Attack on Titan cosplay

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